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Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in Vietnam

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Insights in Vietnam: Definition, Calculation and Incentives for Foreign Companies

Navigate Vietnam’s corporate income tax landscape with our detailed guide. Gain a deep understanding of tax rates and compliance strategies to efficiently minimize your tax obligations.
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What can you expect from this Infographic?

This infographic offers a concise breakdown of Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in Vietnam, highlighting the general 20% rate, specific rates for natural resources, and incentives for certain industries. Discover the calculation method for CIT payable, tax incentives for encouraged industries, and unique benefits for startups in Ho Chi Minh City. It also outlines additional exemptions for 2024 in healthcare and education. Ideal for investors and companies looking for a quick yet comprehensive understanding of Vietnam’s CIT landscape.

The infographic shall cover these attention points

  • Corporate Income Tax Rate Overview
  • Industry-Specific Tax Incentives
  • CIT Calculation Method
  • Sector-Specific Incentives
  • Startup Benefits in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 2024 Exemptions: Healthcare & Education

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