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Buy a Company in Vietnam

Buying a company is the fastest way to own a business in Vietnam. Start doing business within as little as one week and tap into Vietnam’s exciting investment opportunities.
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Benefits of Buying a Company with InCorp Vietnam

professional bilingual experts

Work with Professional Bilingual Experts

Ensure flawless cross-communication with no disruptions
guidance for your business

Guidance for Your Dream Business

Get the support you need for your specific business goals
cost and time transparency

Complete Cost and Time Transparency

Receive clear trajectory estimates in advance with no hidden fees
international prestige

Direct and Virtual Consultations

Flexible timing and solutions for your convenience

Your Vietnam Company Formation Options

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Representative Office (RO)
Branch Office
Joint-stock Company
Applicable All investors All members of WTO All investors All investors
Minimum Capital Depending on the business activities No requirements No requirements If trading on stock market, minimum 10 billion VND (~US$ 440,000),
Minimum Number of shareholders ≥ 1 (individual or corporate) Owned by head office Owned by head office ≥ 3 (individual or entity)
Limited Liability Protection
Import- Export Activities
Be a Shareholder of Another Entity
Conversion to other entity type
Corporate Income Tax Depending on the business industries No business activities that yield profit Depending on the business industries Depending on the business industries
  • Easiest to set up
  • Easy to raise capital
  • Less paperwork
  • No capital requirements
  • Eligible to hire employees
  • Research target market
  • Same structure as original entity
  • Legal representative can get more permits
  • Shareholders only limited to liability of their investment
  • Easy to transfer shares
Setup Time 6 -8 weeks 4 -6 weeks 4 -8 weeks 6 -8 weeks
Most suitable for Small businesses to generate profit Quick setup for sponsorships and market research
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Not sure where to start? Talk to a consultant.

If you are looking for a robust foundation to ensure the success of your business in the region,
don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

How to Buy a Company in Vietnam

Research & Find the Right Business

Your first step to buying a company should always be performing adequate research and due diligence. It’s best to start by identifying the top business opportunities and whether your product has a prospective market.

Once you have identified a promising industry, you can search for potential businesses to acquire. You should have some criteria to evaluate potential businesses, such as

  • Sales and marketing focus
  • Element of exclusivity (e.g. in products or geographical area)
  • Demand for the product
  • Projected profit margins

Value the Company

Determining the value of a business should be based on a specific approach, such as:

  • The company’s projected revenue
  • The company’s current assets
  • The pricing of other companies on the market
  • Projected profit margins

With the estimated value in mind, you may also consider negotiating the price with the seller to reach a mutual agreement.

Paperwork & Due Diligence

With this step, you’re essentially auditing the company for any irregularities that may compromise your future operations. Due diligence is often broken down into:

  • Financial due diligence: Examine financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow. Look for trends, debt levels, and tax issues
  • Commercial due diligence: Research the industry, market size, competition, pricing, and growth prospects
  • Legal due diligence: Review ongoing litigation, contracts, licenses, regulations, and corporate documents
  • Projected profit margins

Additionally, some factors are optional to the specific company you want to own:

  • Management evaluation: Assess the qualifications and leadership of the management team and review the organizational structure
  • Site visit: Inspect facilities, equipment, and meet employees to understand operations and culture
  • Contract review: Look into partnerships, joint ventures, loans, leases, and other agreements
  • Customer database: Confirm customer information and assess customer satisfaction and loyalty

Make the Transaction and Handover

After completing due diligence, it’s time to finalize the purchase of the company. Make sure all the legal, financial, and licensing information are in order before signing the agreement. 

To minimize disruptions, it’s recommended to employ a third party for the ownership transfer. Notify employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders of the change before transferring assets, licenses, and updating legal documents.

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A Comprehensive Checklist to
Set Up a Business
in Vietnam

The ultimate guide to expanding and setting up a business in Vietnam.

Nominee Company: How to Start a Local Company

What is a Nominee Company?

A local nominee company is a company set up by a local representative (custodian) of a foreign investor or business. Together, the two parties sign a custodian agreement (or a nominee arrangement) so the representative can manage securities and assets on behalf of the foreign entity. In short, this company is considered a local company and enjoys the included benefits.

Why Choose a Nominee Company

  • Fewer licenses or permits required (in specific business lines)
  • Shorter company registration process
  • Access to certain restricted business sectors
  • No yearly FDI audits required
  • Fewer compliance obligations to fulfill (varies between cases)

Your Success Plan in Vietnam

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Choose a Plan & Succeed In Vietnam

Let us simplify your business journey and make your mark in APAC’s fastest-growing economy

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Buy a Company in Vietnam

Yes, foreign investors who want to expand to Vietnam can set up a foreign-owned company in the country. The most common type of company setup for foreign ownership is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) due to its simple business structure and faster setup timeline. Depending on the type of business entity you want to pursue, there are further regulations for foreigners to follow when establishing a company in Vietnam.

There are four types of entities: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Joint-stock Company (JSC), Branch Office and Representative Office.

Although local laws don’t stipulate any minimum capital, 25-30,000 USD is commonly considered as the minimum capital investors should register to ensure smooth incorporation and business activities.

Yes. The Vietnamese law enables foreigners to open 100% foreign-owned companies in most business sectors. There are a few business sectors that you are restricted from, namely the following:

  1. Drugs and narcotics,
  2. Hazardous chemicals and minerals,
  3. Range of specimens of endangered flora and fauna,
  4. Prostitution,
  5. Human trafficking, sale of human body parts and tissue,
  6. Human cloning or asexual reproduction.

Yes, there are several options suitable for investors who wish to expand without forming a legal entity.

  • HR Outsourcing
    Allow us to assist in your expansion, and relocate your staff or hire Vietnamese professionals without incorporating business entities. We can act as an Employer of Record (EOR), provide recruitment, payroll, business visas and work permits.
  • Local Distributor
    Market your product in Vietnam through a local distributor. Cekindo will take care of shortlisting potential traders in Vietnam, and arrange meetings between them and your company. The main advantage for you is that you do not need to be physically present in Vietnam during the selection and negotiation part.

The process of starting an LLC or JSC in Vietnam takes approximately 40-60 days. If you want to start operating a business as soon as possible, we recommend purchasing a shelf company. With this method, InCorp can transfer the management control to you within a few working days.

Both local nominee companies and shelf companies are fast ways to incorporate business entities and penetrate the Vietnamese market successfully. A local nominee company is established through a nominee agreement with a trustworthy local partner such as InCorp. In this case, the company is considered as a local company, requirements for its establishment are not that strict, and it takes around 10 working days to incorporate a local company in Vietnam. A shelf company is a previously established business with zero business activity and transactions. Investors who purchase a shelf company can start their business operations almost immediately.

Underestimating the role of a business partner or local nominee are one of the common business mistakes in Vietnam. Choosing a reliable local partner for your company is key to success in the country while reducing the potential risks. InCorp offers local nominee services without any interventions to your business processes. We also allow our partners to terminate the contract sooner that its expiry date.

Clients are the Focus of Our Actions

  • barber mullan incorp vietnam
    Besides being understanding, patient and kind, InCorp Vietnam was extremely efficient and practical as well and guided me every step along the way.
    Barber Mullan & Associates
  • hex trust incorp vietnam
    I’ve been working with InCorp Vietnam in Vietnam for over 1 year now, and I find them to be very "user friendly" to partner with, being quite tuned into the local market, thus offering us effective options for execution through efficient means of communication. If you’re in the market for setting up your new company in Vietnam with relatively smooth passage, then consider InCorp Vietnam.
    Marty Jetton
    COO, Hex Trust
  • family import export company incorp vietnam
    It was our pleasure to deal with InCorp Vietnam. Indeed, the company with its specialised team was at the highest level of professionalism in dealing with customers and was serious in providing assistance and advice. Many thanks to InCorp Vietnam and all the team members. I wish you lasting success in the years to come.
    CEO, Vietnam Family Import Export Company Limited
  • belive incorp vietnam
    We had a great experience entering a new market with InCorp Vietnam. Professional and always there to help! 11 thumbs up!
    Latif Sim
    Founder, BeLive Technology
  • ryker company limited incorp vietnam
    InCorp Vietnam has been a great help in the incorporation of our company in Vietnam by providing useful information and clear explanation on complicated regulatory procedures. The team went the extra mile by helping us to clarify on other matters pertaining to Vietnam, and proactively helped us to liaise with the respective internal functions on our queries and responded promptly.
    Louis Koh Kay Boon
    CEO, Ryker Company Limited

Guides & Insights
for Your Vietnam Business Journey

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Other Services You Might Need

Legal Advisory

Obtain all the necessary licenses and sublicenses for doing business in Vietnam.

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Save time and money while ensuring compliance with full-service accounting services.

HR & Payroll

Comprehensive outsourcing services for recruitment, payroll, insurance, and taxes.


Navigate visa requirements and obtain work permits, investor, and business visa.

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If you are looking for a robust foundation to ensure the success of your business in the region,
don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.
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