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2024 Essential Insights: Navigating Vietnam’s Value-Added Tax (VAT) Landscape

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Published On: 03 October 2023   Updated On: 15 December 2023
2024 Essential Insights: Navigating Vietnam’s Value-Added Tax (VAT) Landscape


Value-Added Tax (VAT) is an essential tax for foreign businesses in Vietnam, levied on the added value at every production stage, from raw materials to final sale, and on imported goods and services. Unique to Vietnam, VAT registration is obligatory for all businesses, underscoring the importance of compliance in this market. Deadlines for VAT payments can vary, influenced by several business-specific factors.

Our 2024 guide offers a detailed look at Vietnam’s VAT system, providing foreign businesses with the insights needed to effectively navigate this crucial aspect of the Vietnamese tax landscape.

Download the PDF here: Guide to Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Vietnam for 2024

Value Added Tax in Vietnam

Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Vietnam is a critical component of the tax system, applicable to both local and foreign businesses. It is charged on the value added at each stage of production and distribution, covering a wide range of goods and services.

InCorp Vietnam encompass a thorough understanding of local tax laws, including detailed guidance on VAT and other tax obligations. We specialize in helping foreign enterprises adapt and thrive in Vietnam’s dynamic market through accurate financial reporting, efficient tax planning, and strategic compliance management. Partnering with InCorp Vietnam means securing a reliable ally for your business’s accounting and tax needs in Vietnam.

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