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How Overseas Vietnamese Can Register for Permanent Residence in Vietnam?



Published On: 02 May 2024   Updated On: 02 May 2024
How Overseas Vietnamese Can Register for Permanent Residence in Vietnam?

In recent years, a growing trend among Overseas Vietnamese has been the desire to return to their homeland to live permanently. This shift has sparked significant interest in the procedures for securing permanent residence in Vietnam. Understanding the complex legal pathways and requirements is crucial for those looking to make this significant transition.

This article offers a thorough guide on how to register for permanent residence in Vietnam, detailing the necessary documents, eligibility criteria, and step-by-step application procedures. Whether you’re an expatriate seeking to reconnect with your roots or solidify your residency status, this guide provides the essential information to navigate this important process smoothly and efficiently.

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Who is Eligible to Register? Understanding the Criteria for Permanent Residence Applications

This directive outlines the eligibility and procedural requirements for overseas Vietnamese seeking to register for permanent residence in Vietnam. It is designed to cater to various categories of Vietnamese nationals living abroad:

  1. Eligible Applicants: This includes overseas Vietnamese who hold valid passports or equivalent documents issued by foreign authorities, referred to as “foreign passports”. These individuals can apply for permanent residence in Vietnam under this directive.
  2. Alternative Documentation: The directive also extends to those overseas Vietnamese who may not have foreign passports but possess permanent residency documents granted by foreign authorities.
  3. Vietnamese Passport Holders: For those holding valid Vietnamese passports, registration for residence is governed by Item b, Point 1, Section II of the Public Security Ministry’s Circular No. 06/2007/TT-BCA-C11 dated July 1, 2007.

Exclusions: However, certain individuals are excluded from this directive:

  • Those who have renounced Vietnamese nationality must first complete procedures to restore their Vietnamese nationality under Vietnamese law before they can register.
  • Individuals who are deemed ineligible for entry into Vietnam according to Clause 1, Article 8 of the 2000 Ordinance on Entry, Exit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam are not permitted to apply under this directive.

Required Documents for Permanent Residence Application in Vietnam

General Requirements (two sets needed)

Application Form: Completed as per the specified format.

Identification and Nationality Verification:

  • Certified copy or original plus a photocopy of a foreign passport or residence paper.
  • Supporting documents proving Vietnamese nationality (e.g., birth certificate, identity card, Vietnamese passport, nationality restoration or adoption documents, and other relevant legal papers).

Photographs: Three recent 4 cm x 6 cm photos on a white background, with the applicant facing forward, head uncovered, and not wearing tinted glasses.

Proof of Residence

  • For homeowners: Certified copies or original plus photocopy of ownership documents (e.g., title deeds, sale or donation documents, legal rulings on ownership).
  • For renters or those staying in another’s home: Certified copy of the lease or borrowing agreement, proof of owner’s consent, and ownership documentation.

Additional Requirements for Central City Residency

  • Proof of at least one year of temporary residence (temporary residence book or police certification of residence duration).
  • For inclusion in a household residence book, documents proving familial relationships, or a certified statement when such documents are unavailable.

Specific Cases

Religious Institutions: Written permission from the head of the institution, along with verification of the applicant’s religious status and official permission for religious activities in Vietnam.

Where to Submit Applications and Make Payments for Permanent Residence in Vietnam

If you’re an overseas Vietnamese planning to apply for permanent residence in Vietnam, you can submit your application dossier at one of the following places:

  • Vietnamese Diplomatic Missions: This includes embassies and consulates located in the country where you currently reside.
  • Domestic Immigration Offices: Specifically, the Immigration Management Department of the Ministry of Public Security, or the Immigration Management Sections operating within the provinces and centrally administered cities where you intend to establish your permanent residence.

Regarding fee payments, those granted permission to reside permanently in Vietnam are required to pay fees as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance’s regulations. These fees are vital for processing your application and finalizing your permanent residence status.

Responsibilities of Agencies and Applicants in the Permanent Residence Registration Process

Functional Agencies

  1. Overseas Vietnamese Missions are tasked with:
    • Guiding and collecting application dossiers for permanent residence in Vietnam. Upon receipt of a complete and valid dossier, they must submit it with their recommendations to the Immigration Management Department within 10 working days.
    • Informing applicants of the decision on their permanent residence application within 5 working days of receipt of notice from the Immigration Management Department.
    • Issuing repatriation laissez-passers to those granted permanent residence, which are valid for 12 months and are not extendable.
  2. The Immigration Management Department is responsible for:
    • Processing and deciding on permanent residence applications within 60 days of receiving complete and valid dossiers.
    • Communicating the outcome to the relevant Vietnamese missions abroad, local police departments, and directly to the applicants or their relatives.
    • Investigating and resolving any fraudulent activities detected during the application process.
  3. Local Police Departments must:
    • Review and forward complete dossiers with their recommendations to the Immigration Management Department within 30 working days.
    • Assist and facilitate the registration process for overseas Vietnamese.


  • Must provide truthful information about their background, previous activities, and the purpose of seeking permanent residence in Vietnam.
  • Are required to pay applicable fees as determined by the Ministry of Finance upon approval of their permanent residence.
  • Need to submit properly completed dossiers as specified by the regulations.
  • Should collect their repatriation laissez-passers from overseas missions within 12 months of approval notification. If residing in Vietnam, they must promptly register their permanent residence at the local police departments.
  • If more than 12 months lapse without collecting the laissez-passer or registering, they must reapply, submitting two new applications and recent photographs within 24 months of the original notice.
  • Upon obtaining permanent residence, must apply for a Vietnamese passport for any exit or entry from Vietnam, as foreign passports or foreign permanent residence documents are no longer valid for such movements.


Obtaining permanent residence in Vietnam offers numerous benefits for overseas Vietnamese, enabling them to reconnect with their cultural heritage, participate fully in the local economy, and access social services on par with local citizens. This status not only facilitates a seamless integration into Vietnamese society but also strengthens ties with the homeland. As we’ve explored the detailed steps and documentation required for securing permanent residence, it’s clear that thorough preparation and understanding of the legalities are key. For overseas Vietnamese looking to make Vietnam their permanent home, obtaining permanent residence is a pivotal step that promises a blend of security, belonging, and opportunity in their native land.

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