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Spend Management Simplified

InCorp Vietnam is proud to partner with Bizzi, a pioneering fintech solution for cost management. Minimize manual and time-consuming work for the whole company while still keeping strict control. Increase efficiency of corporate finance processes with streamlined expense management.

Why Choose Bizzi for Business Expense Management

up to 100% foreign owned entity

Enhanced productivity

Up to 50% less time spent on manual tasks with automation.
full transparency

Reduced risks

Automatic and early warnings on deviations and violations.
one-stop market entry solution

Granulated control

Real-time data and analytics for greater control.
international prestige

cash flow

Quick circulation with simpler processes and easier access to loans.

Rigid Expense Management and Budget Control

  • Establish an internal spending policy
  • Alerts when the proposed expenses exceed the budget or when a budget is not allocated
  • Manage expenses by cost items, departments, and projects
  • Automate the process of collecting invoices
  • Create and approve purchase/payment requests for goods and services
  • Dashboard to visualize spending, updates on actual versus budgeted costs

Standardize Expense Approval Process

Managers and accountants can approve expenses with complete documentation conveniently and transparently.

  • Establish approval workflows based on spending limits and expense types
  • Implement decentralized approval and manage group permissions based on departmental hierarchies
  • Empower managers to approve multi-platform anytime, anywhere
  • Approval reminders to keep workflows moving
  • Gain visibility into compliance and budget status before making decisions
  • Track approval/rejection history with clear explanation

Efficient Management of Business Travel Requests and Expenses

  • Establish daily allowance policies and limits for business trips, along with travel requirements for vehicles, flights, and hotels for each employee
  • Create and submit business trip requests for approval, including departure/return dates, destinations, ticket booking requests, and estimated expenses
  • View information and limits for booking tickets and hotels.
  • Assist with booking tickets and recording business trip expenses

Automatic, Optimized Accounts Payable Process

Invoices from suppliers are validated and reconciled automatically by Bizzi bots, reducing invoice processing times by 80%, and decreasing costs by 50% when compared to manual processing systems while lessening the risk of invalid invoices.

Optimize Cash Flow with Bizzi’s Business Credit Card

An end-to-end solution to manage your company spending, never-before available in Vietnam.

  • Control spending by allocating budgets for each department
  • Spend first, pay later, up to periods of 45 days
  • Cashback and many other incentives for business services
  • Separation of personal and business expenses


Recognized by the General Department of Taxation, flexible integration

  • Automatically retrieve information from GDT to reduce data entry time spent when making invoices
  • Develop additional features as required
  • Easy integration via Open API
  • Receive data transmission with the General Department of Taxation
  • 10 years of safe and secure data storage

Bizzi Products


Invoice processing


Expense management


Electronic invoicing


Debt control


Corporate credit card


Connect capital funding

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