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Earned Wage Access – Financial Inclusion Solution

mBox Earned Wage Access Solution

Current Situation of Vietnamese Employees


of employees usually get unsecured loan


of them are often threatened with violence


of borrowers are always worried and anxious

(Results of a survey on the living conditions, work and wages of employee conducted by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor in August 2023)

In pursuit of the goal of contributing to building a Financial Inclusion picture and bringing financial health to employees, mBox shares the concerns and offers solutions to support businesses in achieving new strides in human resource management and increasing employee satisfaction.

Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution

In the context of strong digital transformation, developed mobile infrastructure, and the role of Human Resource Management and comprehensive quality being redesigned, mBox deploys the Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution to help employee access their earned wages immediately (even before payday) – This financial technology model is becoming more popular around the world. EWA is especially useful for employees who live on a daily income and who have difficulty paying emergency expenses. EWA is the innovation that the workforce has long been waiting for.

Introducing mBox

Founded in 2021, mBox is a financial technology company providing Earned Wage Access software solutions headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Currently, mBox is providing services to thousands of employees. mBox’s near-future goal is to integrate multiple financial service solutions and utilities to help both employees and businesses maximize their benefits.

Benefits for 

Increase employee satisfaction, thereby reducing turnover by 15%, employee retention rate up to 89%, and labor productivity accordingly by 20%.

(Source: ADP, Pymnts.com, Visa Direct, May 4, 2022)

  • Completely free of deployment and operating costs
  • Free integrated 4.0 timekeeping solution
  • Automatic operation, no need for continuous monitoring
  • No change in cash flow, no financial risk

Benefits for 

  • Financial autonomy, advance money anytime, anywhere, instantly
  • Simple and convenient implementation with just 4 steps
  • Update full working days, track completed work accurately
  • Lowest transaction fees in all capital access channels

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