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Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Vietnam

2024 Fundamental Insights: Value-Added Tax (VAT) Landscape in Vietnam

Our infographic streamlines VAT compliance in Vietnam for
foreign businesses, covering mandatory registration,
applicability across production stages and imports,
and navigating the tax system efficiently.
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What can you expect from this Infographic?

The infographic on the provided link offers an overview of Vietnam’s Value Added Tax (VAT) system, focusing on the temporary reduction to 8% effective until June 30, 2024, which applies to specific industries and fields. It is designed to provide detailed information visually engagingly, making it easier to understand the scope of the VAT reduction, the industries affected, and how to navigate these changes.

The infographic shall cover these attention points

  • VAT Registration Thresholds
  • Ensuring VAT Compliance in Vietnam
  • VAT Rates for 2024 Explained
  • Calculating VAT in 2024 Simplified
  • Understanding VAT for International Businesses in Vietnam

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