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Everything You Need to Know about FDI and ISA Reports in Vietnam

This infographic provides detailed information on FDI and ISA reports, which are required for all foreign companies in Vietnam.
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What can you expect from this Infographic?

Our infographic offers a snapshot of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Investment Supervision Assessment (ISA) reports, and insights into investor-state arbitration. With this infographic, we make this information not only accessible but also easy to comprehend. Whether you’re an established investor or considering your first venture, these reports provide invaluable insights, helping you navigate the dynamic landscape of foreign investments in Vietnam.

The infographic shall cover these attention points

  • What are FDI & ISA Reports?
  • Who needs to do these reports?
  • FDI & ISA Reports timeline
  • Sample of FDI & ISA Reports
  • Penalties regulation for organizations violating
  • Timeframe & determining penalties’ timeframe

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